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Oil & Gas

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Land Laboratories provides efficient and cost-effective solutions for marine geophysical, geotechnical and environmental studies for the oil and gas sector, with a flexible approach that allows us to meet specific project requirements.

With hands-on experience from projects in the Middle East, our technical staff have all the necessary skills and expertise. In addition, the company owns and operates a full range of equipment from jack-up rigs for nearshore work to a variety of marine survey systems for testing, sampling and drilling.

Infrastructure & Civil Engineering

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Land Laboratories has a long and successful track record of delivering onshore and nearshore infrastructure projects throughout the Middle East.

Our highly skilled staff are experienced in all types and phases of infrastructure development projects, and we ensure that each new project is assigned an experienced manager to oversee and liaise with cross-functional teams.

High quality engineering and geotechnical studies provide the foundation for successful and long-lasting infrastructure projects

Energy/ Sustainable Development

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Land Laboratories is committed to energy and sustainable development as one of our goals in line with the 2030 vision, taking an integrated approach to promote responsible growth, reduce consumption and preserve natural habitats.

We are committed to the development of green and renewable energy, providing valuable geotechnical and engineering solutions in the development of solar and green hydrogen plants.


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Land Laboratories is supporting the development of the agricultural sector in Middle East, which plays an essential role in the economic and social life of the region, by contributing to the development and use of water wells.

Water & Wastewater

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Land Laboratories is a leader in the manufacture of groundwater wells for various uses, irrigation wells, injection wells, stormwater wells, soakaway wells and all types of related wells to ensure the supply of drinking water, public health and all human activities essential to modern life and local economies in a region where water is the scarcest resource.

Land Laboratories are a specialist contractor in the drilling of large diameter deep wells, serving the growing geothermal energy business. Geothermal energy is one set to be one of the key sectors of renewable and clean energy.