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Land Investigation Company for Laboratories specializes in geotechnical investigations, mineral exploration, water well drilling and the provision of high-quality laboratory services. We have over 40 years’ experience and are part of the Gulf Laboratories Group.

Gulf Laboratories Co. WLL provides ground investigation, borehole drilling and a wide range of laboratory testing services to international and local clients within the State of Qatar.

We operate in all economic sectors where knowledge of the earth is an integral part of operations: oil and gas, marine, onshore and offshore infrastructure, ports and coastal development, mineral exploration, water and wastewater treatment, geothermal, hydrological studies, marine and oceanographic studies, agriculture, renewable energy and quality control.

We employ a team of highly qualified professionals, geologists, geotechnical engineers, drillers, laboratory specialists and technicians. All have extensive experience working in the Gulf, Europe and Asia. Our staff undergo continuous training and have knowledge of BS, ASTM and local standards. At Land Laboratories, the collection of high-quality data, together with its interpretation, analysis and presentation, using and implementing the most advanced technology, are the features that distinguish the Gulf Laboratories Group.

The steady growth of the company and its leadership in recent years is a clear result of creating and maintaining our competitive advantages: management expertise, project quality, continuous innovation and technological development, experience and motivation of management and technical staff, and commitment to our customers.

“Exploring the Depths for
a Better Tomorrow”

Geotechnical excellence for
a solid foundation

Mission &

The Land Laboratories aims to be a quality reference in KSA in the field of soil investigation both onshore and offshore, we are leaders in water well drilling and laboratory testing, with a highly qualified staff in a collaborative and open atmosphere with our clients.


Our commitment to training and development of our people is paramount.
We believe in professional standards, dedication, client focus and innovation.
  • Professional Standards

    Land Laboratories has high expectations of its employees in terms of their work ethic, conduct, and expertise. This likely includes a set of values and principles that guide how employees interact with each other and with clients, and the level of professionalism and quality of work they are expected to deliver.

  • Client Focus

    emphasizes the importance of putting clients at the center of everything the organization does. This means that the organization aims to understand its clients’ needs and provide high-quality services that meet those needs.

  • Innovation

    Land Laboratories values creativity and is willing to experiment with new ideas and approaches to problem-solving. This means that employees are encouraged to think outside the box, challenge the status quo, and bring fresh perspectives to the table.

  • Specialization

    Land Laboratories recognizes the value of expertise and encourages employees to develop specialized knowledge and skills.

  • Dedication

    Dedication implies a strong work ethic and a willingness to go the extra mile to achieve client satisfaction.

“Building a Sustainable

Empowering your vision with reliable
geotechnical solutions


Land Laboratories is built and driven by its people. We put a great deal of effort into maintaining a motivated, well-trained and highly qualified team of management and technical staff. Talent policy and management underpin the company's strong performance today and its bright future.